Family and Leisure

Family and Leisure

Ireland has more miles of road per square mile than any other country in the world and to the joy of cyclists most of these are minor back roads. The distances in Ireland are thoroughly manageable by bicycle and the quiet roads mean peaceful and safe bicycle journeys. In fact on a bicycle you can easily rid yourself of the maddening crowds by pedalling a few kilometres off the main roads.

More of us are cycling. This may be for reasons such as the recession, health, the environment, traffic congestion. Whatever the reason, we all benefit. There has been an increase in leisure cycling and leisure events. There almost always appears to be a charity cycle on somewhere. I think most of us over 35 will remember being on our bikes all the time, Ahh the Raleigh chopper, the Grifter remember them! We were fitter and happier because of it. The amount of kids travelling to school by bicycle has dropped 83% in twenty years.

Cycling reduces pollution, congestion, danger and transport expenditure. Higher levels of use can improve transport choice, civilise cities, aid tourism and produce a healthier population. Cycling is clean, green and quiet. It’s also a lot of fun. Regular cyclists; are as fit as an average person 10 years younger; live two years longer than non-cyclists and breathe in less pollution from traffic than car drivers. Cycling is the most efficient means of land transportation known. In fact, the muscle-to-energy conversion rate of a cyclist is around 95 percent. If the bicycle was invented today it would be hailed as one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century because cycling is environmentally benign, it’s health-giving and it enables people to travel great distances with a relatively low level of energy expenditure.

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