Cycling Ireland Members/Club Cyclists

Most road cyclist will know someone or even themselves who has had an accident, badly damaged or had an expensive bicycle stolen. If you are one of the thousands who fight the headwinds on our roads all year round, Cyclesure can offer you a tailor made insurance policy to fit as well as your lycra!

We are delighted to now offer bicycle insurance to Cycling Ireland members and look forward to working closely with Cycling Ireland to provide the cover that members want and need, at the best price. Cyclesure has partnered with Butterworth Spengler in the UK who provide insurance cover for CTC members (the UK equivalent of Cycling Ireland). They have overs 25 years’ experience offering bicycle insurance and understand the needs of cycling club members.

By taking out separate cycle insurance, you can ensure your cycle is covered where it may not be on a house insurance policy e.g. Damage while taking part in an event. Also, a claim will not affect your house insurance premium or no claims bonus. House insurance can have limits on the value you can insure and can have a high excess.

 With Cyclesure:

  • 10% discount for Cycling Ireland members
  • Race/competition cover available
  •  Insure up to 10 cycles with a total value of €10,000 and a limit of €7,500 for any one cycle. Contact us if you need to cover higher values
  • Only €25 excess on all damage claims. i.e. if you make a valid claim to replace a cycle valued at €2,500 for damage, you only pay €25, we pay the rest.
  • 10% excess on theft
  •  If damage is your main concern, you can opt out of theft cover and reduce your premium by 20%.
  • 5% discount if over 40 years of age
  • Annual cover through EU as standard
  • Worldwide extensions available
  • Bicycle register/marking kit at reduced price of €5 per cycle with your policy.
  • You get a team with over 25 years’ experience in offering bicycle insurance that is just a phone call away to assist you.