Marking, Registration & Verification of Your Bicycle

Protect your cycle from loss or theft!

The contents of your CycleSure marking and registration pack will protect your cycle from loss or theft – for as long as you own the cycle. With no annual subscription or further charges. Both overt and covert marking are provided as a deterrent to theft and to facilitate the identification and recovery of your cycle, should it be lost or stolen. Even if the security labels are removed by a determined thief, the unique code and 24/7 freephone number of the International Security Register will remain visible under UV light.

CycleSure have teamed up with Retainagroup, market leaders in security marking and registration systems to provide you with their system for cycles at the special price of €10 which represents a saving of 50% from the recommended retail price.

The contents of a cycle pack:

  • Six ultra-destruct security labels, laser cut with a unique code and 24/7 freephone number of the ISR.
  • Ultraviolet fluid and applicator.
  • An ultra-destruct warning label to deter thieves.
  • Information leaflet and instructions.
  • ISR contact card.

What is the ISR?

The International Security Register is a secure database available 24/7 and is owned and operated exclusively by Retainagroup who are the market leaders in marking and registration solutions. Since 1982 they have been protecting vehicles, cycles and items of value from theft and currently have over 14 million items registered. All staff are vetted to the BS7858 standard and are highly trained and experienced.

Retainagroup and the ISR are accredited by the Loss Prevention Certification Board for marking (LPS1225) and for the secure database, the ISR (LPS1224). Retainagroup’s quality is assured by the standard ISO 9001:2008 and we hold Thatcham Quality Assessment standards. Additionally, Retainagroup is accredited in the United Kingdom as supplying products that meet Police Preferred Specifications under ACPO CPI Secured by Design.


The System


The cycle marking and registration system is founded on three simple yet highly effective procedures: marking, registration and verification.

Marking: Cycles are permanently and visibly marked with a unique code and the 24/7 freephone number of the ISR, 1800 936 496.

Registration: The marking and registration system is offered along with your insurance policy. If selected, your cycle will be registered automatically on the ISR by CycleSure.

Verification: Once marked and registered, an item can be verified by the ISR 24/7. The verification service is available to the police, insurers and even the general public. Only the police are able to obtain personal information. Another method of checking a marked and registered cycle is to enter the unique code on the site: